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A proximity card (also known as prox cards or access control cards) is a card that works with door access control systems to wirelessly unlock the door, replacing a traditional key and lock. Prox cards make it easy to restrict access to a campus, building, or secured area.

Prox cards are used in businesses around the world in a wide variety of industries. They are extremely popular with large office buildings, businesses with large campuses and multiple buildings, schools, government offices, and more.

PVC Cards
PVC prox cards are made from durable white PVC. They are the same size and shape as a standard CR80 card.

Composite Cards
Composite prox cards are made from a more durable composite material of PVC and polyester, allowing them to withstand higher temperatures during the card lamination process. They are also the same size as a standard CR80 card.

Printable Cards
Not all prox cards are made from materials that can be printed on. If you need to print on your cards using an ID card printer, look for ones that are made specifically for printing. HID calls their printable cards ISOProx.

Clamshell Cards
Clamshell cards are thicker than a standard card, and use two pieces of rigid PVC to sandwich the proximity antenna. Clamshell cards cannot be printed using an ID card printer because of their size; instead, you can print on adhesive-backed CR79 cards and apply them to the clamshell card.

Magnetic Stripe Cards
These cards have a HiCo magnetic stripe, allowing you to store data on the card. This makes them useful as student ID cards, payment cards, and more. HID calls these DuoProx cards.

Key Fobs
These small prox cards are designed to fit on your key ring and come with a key ring slot. Although smaller than a traditional prox card, they still work the same.